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Free criminal records in Knott County will help you find the information you need to keep you and your family safe. In 2006, Knott County had an estimated population of 17,536, therefore you can imagine the number of criminal records produced over the years.

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Knott County criminal records are useful in many ways, including helping people hire reliable employees and choosing the right and safe babysitter for your youngster. exists merely to help you find the criminal records you want. Knott County criminal records hold a lot of useful information such as public records, with birth dates, parent names and ages, locations, vital records offices, instructions for obtaining birth certificates, original birth announcements, court records, other relatives, arrest records, court records, felony records, misdemeanor records, assault records, dui records, larceny records, theft records and much more. You can also find death records from the Social Security Administration Death Master File that includes birth/death dates, last residence, obituaries, background checks, and nationwide cemetery listings through criminal records. Knott County criminal records also can include public records including marriage and divorce information, including certain bride and groom names and ages, marriage license information, address histories, family details, divorces & wedding announcements.

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General Information

County NameKnott
Land Area353 square milesRanked 2,722 of 3,140
Population 200617,536Ranked 1,939 of 3,140
Population 200517,622
Population 200017,649Ranked 1,920 of 3,140
Population 199017,906Ranked 1,793 of 3,140
This shows basic information for Knott County KY, including population and land area.
Race BreakdownPercentage
African American0.8%
Asian American0.2%
American Indian0.1%
Pacific Islander0.5%
The above table shows the race distribution in Knott County in 2005.
Age BreakdownPercentage
Population Under 55.0%
Population 5 to 1412.6%
Population 15 to 2415.1%
Population 25 to 3412.2%
Population 35 to 4415.1%
Population 45 to 5416.1%
Population 55 to 6412.0%
Population 65 to 756.5%
Population 75 and up5.4%
This table displays the age distribution in Knott County in 2005.
Crime Counts20042000
Total Violent Crimes10
Forcible Rapes0
Aggravated Assaults1
Total Property Crimes680
Larceny Thefts52
Moter Vehicle Thefts1
The above table shows criminal data for Knott County in 2004 & 2000. Data includes counts for crimes involving rapes, murders, thefts, burglaries, and more.
Employment Data20062000
Labor Population6,5805,687
Unemployed Population459422
Unemployment Rate7.0%7.4%
The above table shows employment data in Knott County in 2006 & 2000.

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